Vikki Thorn Debut Solo Tour
22nd January 2018  

This March I am stepping out  on my first solo tour. 
I want to play music. I love singing.  I found a voice and a story that was part of a new narrative. This one didn’t come out of traveling as a young’en in a campervan. This narrative came from soulmates, fools gold and hands in the dirt.  Cowboys,  canyons & canned peaches - what it takes and what it gives.  Not a new story - old as the hills for sure.. But new in the telling.

So I’m buckets excited and part a ways nervous.  The plan is to have fun and make good music.  In the set I’ll be playing new songs from my forthcoming album, which will be coming forth later this year.
Maybe a few of my Waify tunes that don’t often get played.  So post me any requests & I’ll start rehearsing those.

It’s called a Solo tour but I will be accompanied by two of the finest musicians I know. 
I’ve been listening to Heath Cullen for years.  His albums made the trek across the Pacific with me because they oozed home into my hapless heart.
And Ben Franz  ... well he’s always got my back…musically . Solid as.
Fair warning guys - I get to play electric guitar louder than anyone else if I want to… call .

We’ve got a  whole weekend of fabulous festivals on the tour.  I felt honoured to have the Adelaide Festival book me early on , the Riverside Palais is the festival club and  has some great acts performing. Tickets available through the Adelaide festival office.   Peninsula Picnic in Victoria  & Blue Mountains  Folk Festival .  If I had my selfish way it would be festivals the world over, all the time.  I love dragging my kids through mud and sun to hear exotic and intoxicating sounds emanating from  steaming tents you can’t get into . They love it too. (nod your head boys). Check out the tour dates, we got some cool little clubs and venues around the Sydney area and the famous Northcote Social Club in Melbourne. As well as some great venues in regional WA to take me down home. I’d love to hear you there or see your silhouettes swaying and swingin'  with the masses.
If you are up for a night of good  honest  &  lil bit rockin' music  - then come along. 
I’ll be there with  bells on  (& some other articles).


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